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Budgeting is a breeze

Breeze through your budget process by leveraging Excel features and functionality over the web with Limelight.

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Budgeting doesn’t need to be time consuming.

With Limelight, the most powerful corporate budgeting and planning software on your team, you can shorten your budget cycles and accelerate data collection, validation and reporting, all in a single system.

Shorten Budget Cycles

Limelight streamlines your processes and data to shorten your budget cycles.

Accelerate Data Collection

Limelight speeds up your data collection with spreadsheet uploads and intuitive features like spreading.

Collaborate & Communicate

Limelight lets you leave notes down to the cell or line-item so no detail is ever left out.

Centralize Data Sources

Limelight is a single system for you to store, consolidate and manage your company’s data.

Increase Accuracy

Limelight improves accuracy and relevance of results by simplifying data collection and validation.

Automate Validation

Limelight has the formulas and intelligence to automatically validate your data.

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Control your budget

With a unified picture of your targets and plans, Limelight allows full control of your business goals.

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      Build Flexible Forecasts

    • Create plans that represent the reality of your business—planning and budgeting for any driver, in any model.
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      Gain Control

    • Be in full control of your financial management with the ability to make immediate changes when you need to, without depending on your IT department.
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      See the Bigger Picture

    • Link your financial, sales, human resources and operational plans together for accurate big-picture financial planning and analysis across your entire enterprise.

Easier & faster

Get your reports done quickly and accurately with a web based Excel like experience.

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      Be More Accurate & Efficient

    • Get your forecasting done quicker, more accurately, and with less effort across all in a single system.
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      Experience Excel Effortlessly

    • Move from manual forecasting to intuitive, web-based sheets with Excel’s familiar look and feel but without the overhead.
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We are able to review budget to actual comparatives at both the G/L level and project level. In addition, we are utilizing the software for some of our quarterly and annual financial data.

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Les Horenfeldt

VP of Finance, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Why Our Customers Love Limelight for Budgeting

  • Integrate strategic plans, annual budgets, budget revisions
  • Excel features over the web
  • Excel upload
  • Ability to plan over multiple years
  • Support unlimited versions, revisions and forecasts of budgets
  • Seed budget with actuals
  • Line-item details captures sub account information
  • Automated consolidation of budgets

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