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Disclose with ease

Collecting, combining and submitting doesn’t have to be difficult, we make disclosure management simple from start to finish.

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Dedicating days and weeks to managing disclosures simply isn’t efficient. There is a better way. Adopting leading disclosure management technology that leverages Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint makes assembling Internal and External Regulatory Reports easier, faster and more efficient.

Enterprise Solution

Implement a disclosure management solution on the cloud or in-house for greater insight and visibility.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of errors by improving efficiency, accuracy and control in your internal and external reporting cycles.

Collaborate & Create

Easily collect and combine data to create reports with different team members and departments.

Narrative Analysis

Integrate the numbers with narratives to add value and get stakeholders on board with key issues.

Data Accuracy

Automated data collection and validation features lower your risk of errors from manual data entry and validation.

Automate Reporting

Remove the labor-intensive aspects of report creation by creating, validating and submitting automatically.

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Collect & Combine

Simplify your data collection with efficient, familiar tools.

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      Data Collection Methods You Can Count On

    • Say goodbye to the days of manually copying data. Simply connect your source data directly into your document, report or presentation to create a single source of information that flows through various reports.
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      Combine with Confidence

    • Make the merging of your enterprise data with focused narrative analysis more manageable in a controlled, auditable environment where users on different teams can collaborate and create complex reports while ensuring proper controls and approvals are in place.
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      Familiar Tools Made More Efficient

    • Keep using the tools and programs you know and love (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint) in a single, intuitive, web-based system that makes your processes more efficient than ever before.

Automate everything.

Submitting reports has never been easier with Limelights automation tools.

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      Stress-Free Submission

    • Take the stress out of submissions by eliminating the manually tick and tie of each data point and collaborating on the creation of reports and documents in a variety of formats including Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint to suit any disclosure requirement.
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      Automate All of Your Reports

      • SEC submissions including XBRL Tagging
      • Earning Release
      • Monthly & Quarterly Packages
      • MD&A
      • Management Reports
      • Recovery & Resolution Plan (RRP)
      • Federal Reserve Board stress tests submissions
      • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) with previous year accumulations
      • Mutual fund reporting
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We are able to review budget to actual comparatives at both the G/L level and project level. In addition, we are utilizing the software for some of our quarterly and annual financial data.

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Les Horenfeldt

VP of Finance, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Disclosure Features Our Customer Love Most

  • Link source data to automatically update throughout a report
  • Built-in XBRL functionality
  • Logical workflow management
  • Audit Trail
  • Rounding and control functionality
  • Business Rules for automated tic-and-tie
  • Link quarterly and annual report information
  • Publish to Word, Excel, PDF or PowerPoint
  • Collect, automate and validate spreadsheet data

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