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Real-time reporting

See and share your corporate performance data with Limelight’s modern, high quality presentation reports.

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Reporting has a reputation for being time consuming. That’s changing thanks to Limelight. Now you can create and distribute Financial, Management and Variance Analysis reports in record time - giving you and your management team the insights on trends, resource requirements and performance that you need to drive corporate performance.

Pinpoint Trends

Limelight creates trend reports for instant visibility into resource requirements and performance.

Single View for Stakeholders

Limelight lets you create dashboards for stakeholders to give them a complete view.

Collaborate & Communicate

Limelight makes it easy to collaborate on report findings using notes and comments.

Visualize Data

Limelight delivers real-time, visually driven views of all your data, information and results.

Improve Insights

Limelight lets you easily drill through data to uncover the powerful insights you really want for your business.

Readily Available Reports

Limelight includes easily customizable, professionally themed reports to save you time.

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Up to date Reports

Deliver interactive reports delivered on demand with the most recent, easy to analyze data.

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      Guarantee Recent & Accurate Data

    • Give your users an interactive ad-hoc search option or configure reports with predefined criteria, either way, you can trust that everyone receives the most recent and accurate data.
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      Plan, Report & Analyze Side by Side

    • Fuse your plans, reports, and analyses together in a single visual view to get the insights you need to fuel smarter, data-driven decisions.
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      Reports, Your Way & for Every Stakeholder

    • Deliver reports to stakeholders on demand with ready-to-use, easy-to-modify, and always up-to-date financial statements, management reports, and actual budget variance reports with options to easily export to Excel and PDF.

Real-Time & Data Based

Understand and make decisions on your organizations performance with real-time interactive data.

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      Be More Accurate & Efficient

    • Get your forecasting done quicker, more accurately, and with less effort across all in a single system.
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      See, Understand & Act on Insights

    • Take advantage of the power of a cutting-edge financial reporting software system that lets you see and understand your data in real-time so you can act in real-time too.
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      Drive Data-Based Decision Making

    • Empower decision-makers from the boardroom to the front lines with financial reporting software that offers the insights and information they need, when they need it.
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      Witness Performance in Real-Time

    • Observe how well your organization is performing with real-time interactive KPI dashboards that compare Actual versus Plan versus Forecast.
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We are able to review budget to actual comparatives at both the G/L level and project level. In addition, we are utilizing the software for some of our quarterly and annual financial data.

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Les Horenfeldt

VP of Finance, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Why Our Customer Love Limelight for Reporting

  • Variance analysis with commentaries
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Drilldown on details
  • Easily share and distribute reports throughout the organization
  • Dashboards
  • Interactive data visualization

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