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A First Class Experience

Our services consist of a simple three-step approach that will set you up for long-term success and ensure you’re maximizing your investment in financial performance management software from day one.


Every customer is unique with different systems, processes, challenges, and most importantly, goals. We work very closely with you to discover and analyze your pain points and what you want to accomplish as well as your current structure, workflow processes and system architecture.


We take everything we learn in the discovery phase and use it to design the absolute best solution for you. Just as every customer is unique, so is every implementation, but there is one constant that we deliver with every case – results.


Whether your solution is a fresh implementation of Limelight or a connection to your existing database sources, our team has the expertise to get you up-and-running as quickly as possible so that you can start leveraging the benefits to your business right away.

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Implementing and Optimizing Your Financial Database

We’re experts on Cognos TM1, Oracle Essbase and Microsoft SQL databases. Our team has decades of combined experience working with these partners and systems. We’re confident in saying that we know them inside-and-out.

Whether we’re implementing a new database for your organization or optimizing your existing database for maximum efficiency and performance, we ensure excellence every step of the way. That doesn’t stop once your implementation or optimization is complete, we’re here for you for the long-term offering you the support and training you and your users need on an ongoing basis.

Consulting and Training

Consider us your partners in success. We want to keep you updated and educated to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your solution from both business and technical standpoints.

Our team of experts offers consulting, training and education for you and your team based on your specific needs - from e-learning, to on-site and technical to business, even custom training – we have you covered.

We’ll work with you and your team to ensure you're getting the most value from your investment in Limelight and the applications listed below.

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  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Cognos Disclosure Management
  • XBRL Services
  • IBM Clarity 7
  • Oracle Essbase
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
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